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  1. This reply is for Adrian Bejan and J. Peder Zane about their book Design In Nature. First of all, wow you guys know your stuff, you are well read, and you don’t use overly complex scientific jargon to sound smart which is really refreshing. As a naturalist I try to make connections every day between the look of an airplane and the look of a bird, between the shape of a water droplet and the shape of a pond. I guess my “devil’s advocate caveat is this”…If constructal theory takes a zoomed out look at nature from a macro scale, then there has to be a group of ever present constants governing evolution which need further comparative research, because there are too many similarities in abiotic and biotic systems which screams to me “constant unchanging forces at play.” Gravity, flow, and our limited third dimensional site (limited in a sense that there could be other dimensions), which forces us to use a limited three dimensional Pythagorean design approach to our rounded 3-D world, play huuuuuge roles in evolution. More research needs to be done around gravitational pull and the effects of magnetism. If there was a way to run a control test at a few different gravitational levels to see if the principles stay the same based on changing gravity, or magnetism at the very least, then we are truly onto something revolutionary. If the principles don’t hold up over differentiated gravities, then what we find on Earth is going to be more solidified by the constructal theory knowing that our constant force of gravity is forcing the shape of everything to evolve similarly, and in a much less singular way cosmically speaking, due to the rarity of having a magnetic core. Remember, a constructal unified theory of physics is only being studied on Earth, and we are but a blip on the map that is the universe. The simplest questions have the most difficult answers, why is water wet for example, because maybe there isn’t a unified easy answer to explain the entire cosmos or Big Bang, and that Earth truly is more complex than we want it to be?? Food for thought.

      • Hello Ian,

        I have found out about Mr. Bejan just a few days ago due to his great achievements being awarded. I have a similar hypothesis to his and it includes what you said. I have been fiddling for years with some observations and subsequent connections. There are a handful of mechanisms in the Universe and they can all be unlocked by very simple 3 words.

        All the best and I hope that I will get to share my observations with the world very soon !

    • This is very beautiful indeed. Thank you.
      The beauty of those animations are product of the artist that made use of free mathematical relations to create forms, shapes and rhythm.
      Now imagine that one can draw tree-like drawings using fractals self-similarity by the same way. It’s art. And if it resembles river basins, lung trees, trees, it would be just a convenient coincidence.
      As physics, or explanation goes, Constructal Law can be the basis of theories that predict shapes, forms, rhythms, organisation, and yet it’s still be beautiful.

  2. I saw some veiled references to constructal numbers and futures trading at Daily Speculation website. Can you provide any info or links on this? Thanks

  3. I feel like magic has happened. I write science fiction and this constructal theory is what I’ve been writing about for five years! This whole science that actually exists is something that I was uniquely clueless of, yet have been trying to outline. This is both hilarious and delightful for me.

    • We’re glad it reached out to you and you reached out to CL. It does make sense and we’re working in all fronts to establish its scientific domain.

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